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Career, Technical, and Education (CTE) students and job seekers in Henderson, KY received an infographic in April created by the Henderson Economic Development Workforce Coalition to inform them about the diverse career pathways and jobs available.  

The infographic shows opportunities available for people of all skill levels at existing industries in Henderson. Our goal is to make people aware of these opportunities by showing workforce prerequisites, types of careers, suggested certifications, and incentives offered for five levels of work experience. The workforce levels include pre-entry level, entry level, experience, experience and education, and management. No matter what skill set someone has, there are steps that can be taken for them to enter the workforce at entry level or consistently improve their existing job placement to if they chose to. 

Differences in experience levels were also shown by listing hourly wages, salaries, and benefits. Job seekers and students need to know this information to know where to start and where they want to finish to progress towards their goal.   

Existing industries are hiring now and the demand for people to fill positions is high. Henderson’s career opportunities in the workforce are unique, rewarding, and advancing for those who chose that route, and this is even more true right now. Examples of current positions available in manufacturing are production, machine operating, mechanics, industrial maintenance, accounting, engineers and environmental and safety.  

“We recognize the need to create more awareness of the employment opportunities available in community. Often individuals just do not know what is available right here at home. We are hopeful our community will help us promote these opportunities to individuals of all ages. Our workforce development efforts benefit our existing industries and position our community for attraction of new industries,” said Dr. Warren, Henderson Community College president. 

“We hope individuals looking for employment, recent graduates or individual ready for a career change can look at this infographic to get a glimpse of a variety of jobs available in Henderson,” states Missy Vanderpool, Executive Director of Henderson Economic Development.  “There are opportunities for employment directly out of high school as well as skills needed with additional training.  Many employers are willing to provide training to upskill an individual to promote career advancement.”

With this information, we hope students and job seekers can plan their desired career path. The partners involved with the Workforce Coalition to complete this project are existing industries in the Henderson area, Henderson Economic Development, Henderson County High School, and Henderson Community College. This group is dedicated to showing students how to become active in a highly trained workforce to meet industry needs.  

Henderson Economic Development keeps a list of existing industries in Henderson with job openings on the website.  Go to www.hendersonkyedc.com under ‘economic development news’ to find a list of employers with job openings.

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